All good things must come to an end

Hello my dear, dear podcast followers and friends.

You’ve all probably been wondering where the heck I’ve been. I have knit all of 50 rows of a sweater since we last spoke – that’s it; 50 rows in nearly 2 months. That does not make a riveting podcast!

I’ve been going back and forth this past month and have finally decided that I’m not going to continue with the podcast.

This was not an easy decision, but my life has changed so dramatically this past year and I have come to the realization that this is no longer my priority.

For those of you who are participating in the Sweater-along, don’t worry! There will still be a yarny prize, so submit those entries! I will PM the winner on April 1.

I love you all dearly, and I appreciate all the support you’ve given me since 2012. It’s been a great ride with you all!

Please friend me on Ravelry katb913 or follow me on Instagram @katb913, I want to stay in touch!

Much love and all the best,

Episode 91: Sweatahs

Happy New Year Nerds!


I worked on the Leftie again this week! Another flower down only 6 to go. I want this thing done by Dec. 31, 2015.

The Hoaloha got busted out of hibernation this week. I’ve got sweatah fevah! Don’t forget to join along with the Sweater-Along 2015, you can join in both my Ravelry Group and the Pen, Hook, and Needles Ravelry Group! Twice the chances to win, woo!


The Seagrass by Cecily Glowik MacDonald will be my official Sweater-Along knit for this year (instead of trying to complete two whole sweaters, I’m going to try and finish the Hoaloha – Lordy I have a lot of the needles!).

Nerding Out

Besides my FitBit Charge (which is uber inspiring me to keep fit – along with MyFitnessPal), I purchased Q & A a Day, a 5-year journal. I’m excited to see how my life progresses in the next 5 years.

Episode 90: A Very Nerdy New Year

Hello fellow Knit Nerds! I’m back and ready for knitting action!

This week we catch up from my hiatus and see the Pine Forest Baby Blanket, the Leftie, and a simple sock for the Other Half.

I nerd out about various things 😉

ALSO! I’m co-hosting the Sweater-along 2015 with Pen, Hook, and Needles podcast again! Get your sweaters ready to cast on January 1 – March 31, 2015!

Episode 89: Teeny Socks!

4 Teeny Socks in Commencement

1 Teeny Sock in Freshman Year

The Piece of your Heart socks are still on the needles with a mad case of Senioritis, as is the Ruby Slippers Shawlette.

I’m Nerding Out about Black Friday!

Teeny Sock Pattern

I used fingering weight yarn and two 24″ US 2 (2.75mm) circular needles. These socks are knit cuff down.

CO 28 stitches using your favorite stretchy cast-on – separate 14 stitches onto each needle

(*note* one “round” equals knitting across both needles)

K1 P1 5 rounds

K until sock measures 1″ from the bottom of the cuff

Begin the heel. I used the Fish Lips Kiss Heel though you can use any heel you’re comfortable with

Once the heel is complete, K until foot measures 1″ from the finished heel

Begin toe decreases as follows:

*k2tog k5* around to beginning of round (12 stitches on each needle)

k around

*k4 k2tog* around to beginning of round (10 stitches on each needle)

k around

*k2tog k3* around to beginning of round (8 stitches on each needle)

k around

*k2 k2tog* around to beginning of round (6 stitches on each needle)

k around

Kitchner toe

Weave in the ends and viola! You’ve got a Teeny Sock!

Episode 88: Prizes and Vegas!

Howdy do fellow Nerds!

We draw for PINK-tober prizes (I’ll draw for the race prizes next week). Congrats to all the winners.

My Cowl Commenced this week! The pattern is almost done! It will be ready by the first of the year.

The Ruby Slippers Shawlette is still in Mid-Terms but making progress.

I Nerd Out about getting to go to Las Vegas (for the first time ever!) for a conference.

PINK-tober Blog!

Alas once again technology has foiled my plan to podcast for PINK-tober. My computer’s out of room and is being nasty about removing things from the hard drive. So as not to leave you all hanging, I will blog about it instead!

In Midterms is my Ruby Slippers Shawlette. Knitting has been sparse this week as I’ve been feverishly trying to finish a book for a book club. I have knit several teeth since you last saw it though.


Thank you to everyone who donated and/or sent out positive vibes this Saturday for my Race for the Cure! You all not only helped me reach, but also exceed my fundraising goal. Prizes will be drawn for the Race for the Cure next week (I’ll be taking my computer in to the “shop” for some fixin’ so I can record!).

I took some pictures of PINK-tober Prizes.

First up is a Crochet Pink or Knit Pink book donated by Marlicia and Tahlia from the Pen, Hook, and Needles Podcast (these are separate prizes):


Next are two project bags (made from my fabric collection) one for the Knit Nerd Podcast, and one for our co-host the Knitting Den Podcast:


There will also be a $10 gift card to Wolfe Farms, and a (up to) $10 pattern donated by a very generous viewer!

In addition I will also donate a skein of yarn in the winners color choice!

Lastly in Financial Aid I got my Smart Ass Knitters/World Domination club colorway yesterday!


This is in the OctoBaa (sport weight) base in the Tyransosorrious Rex Colorway! It’s beautiful! I’m scheming what to make with it!

Alright everyone, that’s all she wrote this week! I’ll be back in November to draw for prizes! Keep on crafting in pink! You have until tomorrow (10/31) and 11:59 PDT to submit your FOs (yes, I will be up that late, as I’m planning to start NaNoWriMo at midnight!).

Episode 87: PINK-tober Pop-in

Woo! New (very short) episode!

We’ve got a new prize for PINK-tober: a $10 pattern (of the winner’s choice), donated by Jan! Thanks Jan!!

In Freshman Year is my Ruby Slippers Shawlette by Wendy Weber Deeds – I LOVE IT!!!! That’s all the knitting……

Thanks to everyone who has donated to my Race for the Cure! I’ve reached my goal, a big thank you to Denise from the Knitting Den Podcast who donated some of the proceeds from a recent Etsy shop update she did! Love you girl!